What We Do

The Bombshells make things happen—accurately, quickly and effectively. We create engaging content, websites, emails, social campaigns, video, branding, messaging and more.

Advertising and Media Campaigns

Bombshell Media always is innovating, looking for new ways to create ideas and programs for advertising and media that break out of clichés and conventional categories.

We stay on top of a chaotic, rapidly evolving world where control of advertising and media has shifted from marketers and traditional media channels to individual consumers. We can help you achieve impact on any platform – this includes social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, as well as online and native advertising and mobile advertising. We can also go old-school with traditional media – outdoor, transit, print and broadcast.

Using our knowledge, experience and network of partners, Bombshell Media will help you create original campaigns and design optimal media buys while best leveraging your budget and resources. With this approach we consistently exceed client expectations.

Project Management

Successful campaigns require management, content, branding, and collaboration to get positive results that unlock real value in marketing and promotion. We have creative ideas, design chops, and the technical execution talent to lead stellar marketing campaigns. We start by fully understanding your market in order to create messaging, design assets, and provide technologies to deliver a compelling campaign that spurs action from your target audience.

Content Creation

We design and develop multimedia content that is relevant and useful for social media platforms, blog posts, emails and paid ads that are focused on results and designed to attract customers. Useful content such as video, memes, eBooks, tip sheets and whitepapers will nurture leads and make your business impossible to ignore.

Design and Branding

A great brand evokes emotion and drives strategy. It helps your clients to associate your company name with value. When these elements are thoughtfully balanced, the value of the brand is reinforced throughout the marketplace, driving performance in sales, marketing, and retention. Branding ensures that communications and marketing are integrated to nurture the the company's customer-centric and employee-centric approach.  A strong brand convinces everyone that a company behaves in a consistently positive and reliable way.

Your brand is not just a name and a logo. It involves your colors, domain, tagline, messaging, graphics, patterns, typography, and competitor positioning that function together to establish your distinct, immediately recognizable identity. We offer comprehensive design, messaging and research services to ensure that your brand captures your company’s unique essence, and enables you to tell better stories.

Writing and Topical Research

Good content is hard to find. Small businesses need to be especially creative because of their limited budgets. Well-written content can boost your product, services and achievements, but poorly researched and crafted content can do more harm than good. Bombshell can show you how your content can better interest your target audiences, how it can be tailored to specific segments and the best distribution habits for publishing good content.

Your story is what drives the quality of your brand. Good storytelling can engage customers, employees and other stakeholders with a uniform message tailored to specific audiences. With Bombshell, you will get experienced writers and researchers who have a fresh outside perspective, professional PR and corporate/organizational communications expertise and the know-how to make the right and relevant connections to the public and media.


Creativity without results is pointless. We believe in providing you with the metrics necessary to show your marketing ROI. We ask relevant questions and use your answers to set measurable objectives. Our metrics are tied to your actual goals. Measurement is the basis for an ongoing strategy of what does and does not work. No two measurement programs will be the same.

Access to data and feedback is easier than ever, and the tools are becoming more sophisticated, but we also know how important it is to start the process with the right questions. By optimizing for the best ROI possible, we ensure that your strategy and our execution are monitored using the most relevant indicators of how to measure and analyze success.

Audience Research

Understanding your market requires research, persona development, and empathy. Bombshell’s planning and design methods come from data acquired through comprehensive research. Our objective is to deliver a compelling message to the right people. That makes developing a precise target audience very important.


If you have a great product, service, initiative or event, then you need a way to cut through the modern information clutter. Bombshell has the tools to grab the attention you deserve through proven methods of reputation and credibility, guerrilla-style tactics that drive today’s social media platform and/or a balanced mix of both.

Special Events

Bombshell Music and Media can produce and manage your event ensuring that it has high-quality talent, runs smoothly and is within budget.

The Bombshell team will suggest elements to make a concert, fundraiser or community event memorable for the audience, including but not limited to air guitar contests, karaoke taxis, casino games and bike parades. We dare to be as fun and creative as possible. Maudlin appeals rarely work. When the audience has fun, you will be noticed.

Premium Video Services

Video is an art form that takes lots of practice, which is where Bombshell expertise comes into the mix. Good lighting and quality sound are the most overlooked aspects of do-it-yourself videos, and many could be shortened by editing out rambling commentary. A professionally produced video will amplify awareness of an event or band by reaching out and starting a conversation.

With video, you create real connections and develop new channels for communication. Video is more economical than traditional broadcast ad buys. You get high production quality and creative freedom at a fraction of the cost. Spark limitless possibilities on the web and start real, lasting relationships.


It’s no secret that product pictures play a crucial role in the success of any company’s online marketing efforts. Bombshell’s professional  photography can give viewers a fresh, new perspective to help your event, program or business stand out in the crowd.

Printing and Promotional Product Services

Bombshell can help with promotional products as well as alternatives such as commissioned pieces from local artists and branded items created in partnership with artisans and local purveyors.

From concept to finished print products, Bombshell provides the full package. From in-house design and proofing to delivery on time and within budget, Bombshell does it all.

We also maintain strong relationships with many local printers in Salt Lake City, as well as other reliable resources. We obtain competitive print pricing, manage the final production of the printed materials and present the most cost-effective solutions to our clients based on their specific requirements.

Other Services

  • Advertainment
  • Alternative Marketing
  • Business Communications
  • Corporate/Organizational Blogging
  • Content Development/Vlogs/ Podcasting
  • Digital Content: White Papers, FAQ, Branding, History
  • Email Marketing
  • Internet PR and Reputation
  • Media Relations
  • Multi-Media Marketing Content
  • Promotions and Placements
  • Social Media Coordination
  • Underwriting Research and Case Studies
  • Viral and Virtual Marketing