Epic Brewing Company Launch

Epic was Utah’s first craft brewery to produce exclusively full-strength beer since the Prohibition Era. Working with designs created by Ashley Taylor Park of Xlogic Design, Bombshell branded Epic, refined its logo, designed labels for the beers and implemented its marketing and PR campaign.

To introduce Epic to the community, the Bombshells hosted a launch party at the State Room near downtown Salt Lake City. Epic’s nine handcrafted ales and lagers were available for guests to taste, along with gourmet appetizers prepared to match particular brews.

More than 400 guests, representing some of the city’s most influential opinion leaders from a variety of public and private industries and interests, attended the private event. The event generated visibility, coverage and word-of-mouth that supported a rapidly growing awareness and interest in Epic’s products.

After reaching goals that were originally set for the third year of business within just a few months after its formal opening, Epic moved quickly to expand with six more large fermenting tanks, which allowed the brewery to keep its refrigerated cases stocked with a wide range of beer styles and flavors.

At about the same time, many of the city’s best-known restaurants, clubs and bars began to carry and promote Epic’s beverages as well. Its versatility in the short term verges on the unbelievable. Within its first 18 months, the brewery garnered 15 major industry awards along with honors as a top new brewer in a review by RateBeer.com, one of the industry’s foremost authoritative review groups. Epic’s beers were ranked against more than 130,000 offerings from 10,000-plus brewers in the world.

Bombshell’s work helped to communicate Epic’s brand as a product culture that champions collaboration and innovation not only in the making of high-quality craft beers, but also in strengthening Utah’s steadily expanding awareness for superior locally-produced and expertly prepared foods.