Machine Utah Campaign Design and Launch

Created in collaboration with Third Sun Productions, the Machine Utah campaign focused on a program for apprentices who can earn pay and benefits while simultaneously completing their education with on-the-job training as skilled hi-tech machinists who can code and run CNC (computer numerical controlled) equipment. The campaign was coordinated with the northern Utah chapter of the National Tooling and Machining Association (NUNTMA).

The target audience included young adults ages 16-25, educators, and parents living along the Wasatch Front. In the first three months, there were 727 online applications from potential apprentices or others interested in careers in machining and tooling.

The concept process produced a readily identifiable website URL (, as well as taglines focused around presenting machining as an exciting and high-tech career (Be a Machinist, Where High Tech Meets Hands On, Learn + Earn = Future). These messages became the cornerstone for all other media and collateral. Bombshell honed in on the priorities of building Machine Utah awareness in proposing a strong billboard and transit placement program along with radio and social media. That part of the campaign resulted in a well-rounded and impactful campaign for the program.

Part of the collateral included ten large bulletin board displays along the Wasatch Front metropolitan area that captured a daily average of more than 737,000 impressions for a metropolitan adult population reaching more than 1.7 million. This resulted in total impressions numbering 20,645,800, at a cost per 1,000 impressions at just $1.31.

The radio ad and outreach campaign included spots on the top-rated “Radio From Hell” morning show on KXRK-FM radio, as well as ads on the entire Broadway radio network. The campaign also did extremely well with online, mobile and email engagement coordinated with Utah Digital Services.

The industry standard for targeted display is typically around .02%, but the average on this campaign was .04%. Machine Utah reached 535,149 males who expressed interest in technology, parents of high school students and high-school counselors. Some of the outreach also included connections with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) events in the local area.